Clairvoyant City Psychics

21 Feb

So you want to see a psychic because you’re not sure where your love life is going, your company is making massive cuts, or you’re just really curious. However, you don’t want to pay $500 to be told that you’re still in mourning for your sweet Goldendoodle when you’ve only owned cats?

Believe it or not, New York City is chock-full of psychics with remarkably reliable reputations. From the celebrity seers, to the ones with favorable Yelp reviews, here’s a list of the top eight psychics that could potentially connect you to your beloved Felix:

Frank Andrews

Frank seems to be the go-to psychic. He’s mentioned in New York magazine, Refinery29, and The New York Post as one of the most clairvoyant in Manhattan. He supposedly even predicted John Lennon’s death to Yoko Ono.

261 Mulberry Street 212-226-2194

$175 for one hour

Stacey Wolf

Not only is Stacey mentioned in Refinery29’s best psychics in the city, she has  online support to back it up. On Yelp, her average rating is 4.5/5 stars with one users writing they’ve happily been repeat clients (even up to 9 years!).


$375 for one hour

Mark Seltman

Mark is more of a palm reader than a crystal ball-gazer and is featured in New York magazine and Refinery29’s list of best NYC psychics. Instead of reading your future though, he tries to help you understand yourself better.

111 East 7th Street, No. 72 212-777-0540

$250 for a reading

Betsy Cohen

For the psychic that’s a little easier to access, Betsy does readings over the phone and in three separate NYC locations (including one in Brooklyn). Her Google plus rating is 27/30, which is defined as “extraordinary to perfection.”

Client quote: Mixing messages from passed on loved ones, advice from your spirit guides and some personal spiritual counseling, it makes for a good balance between higher powers and good old, down to earth common sense.

1133 Broadway #1023, 917-409-8613

$250 in person in Manhattan, $150 over the phone

Stephen C. Robinson

As the founder and director of the Holistic Studies Institute, Stephen has overwhelming support for his psychic abilities on Citysearch. He has 121 reviews, and most of them, “Recommend.”

Client quote: “So all in all this man is extremely gifted. If seeing a psychic is something that interests you for what ever reason. I can personally say you are in great hands.”

352 7th Ave Floor 16, 212-337-3017

$295 for one hour

Paul 3rd Generation Psychic and Medium

He has 4.5/5 stars on Yelp and users tend to refer to his positive energy and remarkable insights.

Client quote: “Peace is what you get when you leave his office.”

Tribeca, 917-318-0239

Rates on request

Patricia Masters

Patricia is a more enigmatic psychic, claiming she cannot discuss most of her work and that she can hear voices. But don’t roll your eyes quiet yet–she’s helped the NYPD crack cases.


Rates on request

Laura Steele

Remember John Edward? The psychic starring in two TV shows? She gave him his first reading.

220 Central Park South, No. 3D, 212-645-3722

$100 for 90 minutes


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